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Remote Learning Environments Made Easy

OMNiFSI is a cloud-based virtual lab environment purposefully built for remote training and instruction with the instructor in mind.

Our Core Competencies

Cloud Development

High Powered Cloud Labs

Machine Learning

Cloud Integration


Reduces Operational Overhead

  • Entirely cloud based system, no hardware updates and maintenances

  • Integrates with existing LTI learning systems

Expands access to your classes and environments

  • Eliminates the need for in-person attendance

  • Students can be located in any geographical location in the world

Enhances overall learning experience

  • Give students access to live, multi-layered environments

  • Full suite of collaborative tools for students and instructors

Our Features

On-Demand, Customizable,

and Secure Virtual Environments

  • Isolated environment for a single user, no environment or resource sharing

  • Build environment templates that serve as the basis for repeatable deployment

  • Health and status monitoring for every environment

Full Suite of Collaborative Tools

  • Integrated and secure video chat, class calendar, and content sharing between users

  • Over-the-Shoulder environment sharing

  • LTI v1.3 compliant and integrated with Canvas

Multi-Environment Networks for Cyber Ranges

  • Build public networks to provide students access to multiple environments at once

  • Build private networks to provide students with multiple environments networked together

Ready to get started with OMNiFSI?

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